Novels for children

HUGO O’HUGE, THE CHILDREN'S GIANT 1986 (Methuen hardback/Poolbeg paperback)

THE GIANTS’ OLYMPICS 1988 (Methuen hardback/Poolbeg paperback)

A LITTLE MAN IN ENGLAND 1989 (Poolbeg Press)

THE LOST CITY OF BELFAST 1991 (Poolbeg Press)


Hugo O'Huge cover


When all the giants of Britain had leapt up into heaven there was one giant left, his name was Hugo O'Huge. When all the other giants had leapt away he had been living on his own and locked in dreams,

no-one had told him what was going on ....When he tried to jump high in the air to join the others, the magic didn't work and he fell back to earth with a BUMP! The people all around said "What was that, that shook the earth?" It was only old Hugo going BUMP.



The Giants' Olympics


As dusk was falling Gorilla came over to the children's table: he fixed his eyes on Rebecca. "You, little girl," he said, "Go into the forest and find the poet. Bring him here." Rebecca stood up, away from the other children, curtsied to the giant. The other children wondered why he had chosen Rebecca.

Rebecca began her long walk through the forest, "Maybe I'll just pick flowers or something," she mused "and then go back and say he wasn't at home."

But there were the garden gnomes scurrying about everywhere keeping an eye on her, writing the story.

"On, on Rebecca," they kept calling. There was no escape.

At last she came to the poet's house, all three walls of it. "One wall missing for the looking out," the poet had told her at their last meeting, "and for the listening to the tiny things which crawl along the ground."

"Please Mr. Poet," said Rebecca, "Excuse me please, but the giants want you straight away. They're shouting and banging on the tables."

"I suppose they've done something famous and now they want me to write about it, is that it?"

"Yes." Said Rebecca, less frightened now, even beginning to feel actually rather important.

"Have they thrown the rings round Saturn?" asked the poet.

"They have." Said Rebecca.

"Have they planted the forests of the world?" asked the poet.

They have " said Rebecca. Have they played with the marbles of the Universe?" asked the poet.

"Indeed they have!" said Rebecca.

"Then I'll come now" said the poet, " And I will write a write a song for them to sing amidst their eating and drinking."

"Oh goodie!" said Rebecca.

The poet took Rebecca by the hand and the two of them set off for the walk back through the forest to The Field of Events....

A Little Man in England cover


"No. I am not Irish. I am English. It is true I have Irish relations, all of them distant, I assure you. My name is George. I am an English leprechaun ..."

The Lost City of Belfast cover


So why can't something artistic happen in Belfast, Kate mused; why can't we find something interesting underneath it all. I understand very well what archaeology is about. Why can't it happen here, in Belfast?

It does and with devastating results. Kate finds out about Irish history and why now is, as it is. (S.T. Dec 1999)


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