A Weekend Of Celebration

Margot Quinn

Candid Arts Centre, London

SPLENDID "pop-up" weekend of music, painting and objects featuring music by Radio Duck and art by Irish artist Margot Quinn in the high Islington studios of the Candid Arts Centre - a Saturday night and Sunday morning which again gave me the chance to see Margot's canvas tile-paintings and shrine-contained, papier-mache figures.

An interesting addition to her exhibition was a newly published, limited edition "small book" of her painting 360 Days, a beautifully produced diary of 360 days in the life of this artist where each painting she did on each day is depicted along with a commentary on her instincts (that day) and influences.

I was recently at the Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy, an exhibition of his hand-written letters and many with illustrative drawings on the notepaper; seeing this tiny, plump book gave me the same thrill. It is so esoteric (and precious) it can only be purchased by contacting

It was good to see Irish art so well represented in the UK. What the gathering collection of all these Margot Quinn art works is crying out for is an Irish Saatchi - if I were rich I would buy the lot and hang them in the Cellar of Increasing Value.

Irish millionaires who read the Irish World - take note.

To see the mysterious canvas tile paintings, visit the artist's website